Signatories of the joint declaration on establishing the Baltic Fund:
(signed in Warsaw, Poland, on November 28, 2019)

Sven Sakkov – Director, International Center for Defense and Security, Estonia

Olevs Nikers – President, Baltic Security Foundation, Latvia

Linas Kojala – Director, Eastern Europe Studies Center, Lithuania

Mantas Macikas – President, Memel Institute, Lithuania

Krzysztof Kamiński – President, Warsaw Institute, Poland

As we seek to form a wide group of supporters of the Baltic Fund among state officials and experts, we kindly ask you to express support for the initiative. Please send an e-mail to if you wish to subscribe to the support list or need any extra details.

The following people endorse the creation of the Baltic Fund (in alphabetical order):

Grabowska Berenika – President of the Board, The Warsaw Institute Review, Poland

Grzybowska Julia – President of the Board, Warsaw Institute, Poland

Prof. Grosse Tomasz Grzegorz – University of Warsaw and Warsaw Institute Expert, Poland

Kobierski Łukasz – President, Institute of New Europe, Poland

Kowalewski Krystian – Executive Director, World Energy Council Poland

Lachert Jakub – Expert, Warsaw Institute, Poland

Musiałek Paweł – Member of the Board, Klub Jagielloński and Managing Director, Center for Analysis of Jagiellonian Club, Poland

Paszak Paweł – War Studies University, Institute of New Europe and Warsaw Institute Expert, Poland

Rak Krzysztof – Member of the Board and Director, The Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation, Poland

Tabuns Otto – Director, Baltic Security Foundation, Latvia

Wojtyczka Izabela – Editor-in-chief, The Warsaw Institute Review, Poland

Zgorzelski Rafał – PhD, Poland

Zygmuntowski Jan – Chairman of the Board, Instrat Foundation, Poland