The Baltic Fund is a strategic geopolitical concept in Northern Europe aiming at creating a new international institution. The initiative forwards profound cooperation between Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland, as well as other Baltic Sea countries.

In line with its premises, the Baltic Fund seeks to back worthy initiatives in areas like security, economy, energy, and civil society in an effort to reinforce the sense of regional community and stimulate cooperation between experts. The novel institution is modeled on the International Visegrad Fund while taking advantage of both its expertise and mechanisms. In its core, the Baltic Fund focuses on the region with its features and challenges.

Baltic Fund initiative intends to increase social capital – both knowledge as well as structural and interpersonal relations – while improving both image and importance of the Baltic region on the European stage. The initiative therefore will play a fundamental role in reinforcing the sense of regional community and enhancing security in the Baltic Sea region.

The following project may be of great significance for the region’s current geopolitical situation, exerting influence on the further development of the broad-based political, military, and economic partnership.

Stage I: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland

Stage II: Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway

Issues addressed:

• Security

• Economy

• Energy

• Civil society

Initiatives promoted:

• Building the regional network

• Scientific and academic activity

• Expert and analytical activity

• Citizens’ initiatives


• Diplomatic status

• A registered office in one the cities of Member States

• Official language: English

• Local coordinators in the Member States (affiliated with MFA)


• The Council of Ambassadors – the supreme decision making body of the Fund

• Baltic Fund’s Executive Director – responsible for the operational activity of the Fund, selected from recommendations made by Member States for a term of 2 or 3 years

• It is advised that any decision-making processes, which pertain to both current and strategic matters, shall rely upon the unanimity principle


Initial (stage I): 1,000,000 €

• Poland: 500,000 €

• Baltic States: 500,000 €

Each subsequent country (stage II): additional 500,000 € / country

Support mechanisms:

• Permanent program – Baltic Security Studies

• Grants (up to 6000 €)

• Strategic grants (up to 50,000 €)

• Dedicated grants

• Scholarships (up to 600 € per month)

Target groups:

• Research centers and think-tanks

• Local government units

• Scientific and academic centers

• Students and doctoral students, with particular regard to students
of security-related disciplines

• Secondary schools, with specific regard to military classes

• Non-governmental organizations, with a particular focus
on pro-defense organizations

• Watchdog organizations

• Other foundations and associations

The following concept is purely for informational and conceptual purposes and shall preface the debate on strengthening and institutionalizing cooperation in the Baltic Sea region.